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Look the following example:

Date Stock Financial house Previous
Target Price
Target Price
Stock Price Margin Last price Margin Today
31/7/07   Marfin Analysis  30,40 32,10 26,40 +21,6% 25,70 +24,9% 
Informations - Explanation of table on the reports of investment houses
  You can click the icon in the first column in order to read the summary of financial house rating.
Date In the second column is reported the date of report. This date can be previous the date of publication of report in site, provided that the house widely has not publicised immediately report.
Stock Is presented the symbol of company. Making click to symbol you can see the all reports that have been registered for the company.
Change Green, red or blue arrow implies respectively if the evaluation of house for the company were upgraded, were downgraded or remained immutable.
Financial house Making click in the name of investment house you see all his reports that are registered.

The next two columns report the previous and new constitution or rating.Making click in the name of investment house you see all the reports that are registered. In case that the previous constitution is not presented, or is beginning of cover, or does not exist the relative information.

Target prices The two next columns report the previous and new price - target, that the house gives.
Stock price It is the price of stock the day where it was published the report.
Margin The margin of rise (or way down) from the price of stock ,the day where came out the report up to the price - target.
Last price The current stock price
Today margin The margin of rise (or way down) from the current stock price until target price