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17/10 The central govt reported January September primary surplus of Eur4.502
Finance Ministry announced budget execution data for the period Jan-Sept 17.
17/10 Tsipras to meet US President Trump at 19.00
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet with US President Donald Trump at the White House, on Tuesday, at 19.00. They will have a private meeting followed by a working lunch.
17/10 Lagarde: Implementation of program, debt relief for Greece to return to growth
The two sides apparently discussed both the upcoming 3rd program review and the pending issue of debt relief (more OSI by the Europeans, a key pre-requisite for the IMF so as to formally join the Greek bailout).
17/10 North Korean envoy says nuclear war could break out at any moment
Pyongyang wants a nuclear-free world, but a nuclear war might still start due to "extreme and direct" US threat, North Korean deputy UN envoy Kim In Ryong said. Separately, the US hinted at direct talks with North Korea.
17/10 Greece passes gender identity law amid church protest
A new law on gender identity will likely improve the lives of transgender people in Greece. But before it was passed, Greek Orthodox clergymen railed against bill, even threatening to excommunicate transgender people.
17/10 EU car sales down on sharp drop in Britain
New registrations of cars in the European Union have gone down markedly in recent weeks. Fresh figures show that particularly the UK auto market is going through a rough patch amid Brexit-related uncertainties.
16/10 Mitsotakis stresses Tsipras must make the most of his contacts in the US
"This coincidence coupled with major problems in US-Turkey relations upgrade Greeces negotiating position".
16/10 Greek Economy Minister sees huge investors interest for Greece
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to meet with IMF chief Christine Lagarde in Washington on Monday.
16/10 Bloomberg: Investment Is the Missing Ingredient as Greece Rebuilds Economy
"That means that social costs remain high in a country where unemployment is still an eye-watering 21 percent even after declining for four years. Greece will need investments to grow at average rate of 8 percent for the next few years".
16/10 Puigdemont asks to meet Rajoy, doesnt clarify independence status
Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has sought to sidestep a 10 a.m. deadline to clarify whether the region had declared independence from Spain. He asked instead for two months of talks with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
16/10 Opinion: A right-wing coalition in Austria threatens the EU
The conservative Sebastian Kurz has emerged victorious from Austrian elections. As he now looks to forming a government, he should carefully consider the dangers of partnering with the far-right FPO, says Bernd Riegert.
13/10 IMF: No change in the Greek program
IMFs Managing Director Christine Lagarde stated that the Fund has not asked for new austerity measures from the Greek government.
13/10 Prominent lawyer shot and killed in central Athens
Mihalis Zafiropoulos, aged 52, was the son of former New Democracy MP Nontas Zafiropoulos.
13/10 Tsipras to meet Mrs. Lagarde on 16 October
Investments, the economy, security, regional developments and energy are the issues that will dominate a series of contacts and discussions between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and top US officials, investors, entrepreneurs and members of the Greek community in the US.
13/10 Moodys to release its sovereign report on Greece today
Moodys rating stands two notches below the rating of S&P and Fitch.
13/10 ELA drops in September
According to Bank of Greece data, direct ECB funding stood at EUR 13.2bn.
13/10 Russia mulls boosting missile capabilities on NATO border
Russia has warned that it could deploy more high precision missiles to its Kaliningrad enclave, which borders Poland and Lithuania. Moscow has accused the US of illegally propping up its own forces in the region.
13/10 Turkish military enters Syrias Idlib province
The Turkish military has entered Syrias Idlib province to implement a "de-escalation" deal with Russia and Iran. The Kurds say they are the real target.
12/10 Payment of state arrears to private sector totaled 894.2 mln euros in Jan-Aug
To repay state arrears to the private sector and to settle pending retirement applications.
12/10 ECB: Eurosystem national central banks purchased Greek securities worth EUR 7.8bn in the period from 2012-2016
President Mario Draghi confirmed that net interest income earned from Greek securities by the Eurosystem national central banks (NCBs) under the Securities Markets Programme (SMP) amounted to EUR 7.8bn over the 2012-2016 period.
12/10 IMF forecasts primary surplus of 2.2% of GDP in 2018, which could lead to extra measures
For the period 2019-2022, IMF forecasts primary surplus of 3.5%.
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