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14/08 Merkel: Talks with Greece on refugees have advanced
Highlighting that an agreement with Italy still has some time yet.
14/08 Demolition of illegal buildings to begin mid-September, environment minister says
There are at least 3,000 such cases of illegal building.
14/08 Erdogan says Turkey will boycott US electronics
"We will impose a boycott on U.S. electronic products. If they have iPhones, there is Samsung on the other side, and we have our own Vestel here," he said, referring to the Turkish electronics company.
14/08 Can Turkey turn to the Arab world for economic support?
The collapse of the Lira and the diplomatic row with the United States has sent Recep Tayyip Erdogan scrambling for help from his allies, including in the Arab world. However, experts say he may find support lacking.
14/08 German economy accelerates against all odds
Unfazed by a mounting number of uncertainties, Europes largest economy has logged better-than-expected growth in the second quarter.
08/08 Burger King enters the Greek market through the Fraport Greece airports
Leading multinational group SSP chooses Fraport Greece for the first Burger King in Greece.
03/08 Chinas stock market falls to third place
Japan pushes the Chinese aside for the first time since China became the worlds second-biggest stock market in 2014. It is a sign of the escalating trade tensions with the US and a general slowing of growth.
03/08 PM Tsipras briefed on plans for 61 urgent demolitions
In meeting with Stathakis
03/08 Mitsotakis tweet slams surreptitious transfer of Koufodinas to farm prison
"he transfer of the terrorist Koufodinas to the agricultural prison of Volos was carried out surreptitiously".
03/08 Zimbabwe opposition has to go back to the drawing board
As Zimbabweans elect a new leader from the old establishment, it is time for the opposition to go back to the drawing board, says DWs Privilege Musvanhiri. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) will have to produce solid evidence to substantiate its claim that the 2018 election was rigged in favor of the ruling ZANU-PF.
03/08 Apple, the stock market and a trillion dollars
The iPhone maker is now worth a trillion dollars on the stock market, the first US company to ever to achieve this prize. But does this market valuation really reflect the companys success? Anne Schwedt investigates.
03/08 One more Attica fires victim dies in hospital, further raising death toll
The number of dead from the deadly eastern Attica fire has risen.
03/08 Terror group hitman Dimitris Koufodinas transferred to farm prison
The order for the transfer was given by the Central Committee for Transfers overseen by the justice ministry.
03/08 Turkish lira hits record low as US sanctions bite
Turkeys lira has fallen to a record low as US sanctions and the effects of an overly politicized monetary policy kick in. President Erdogans virtual economics may be about to hit a wall of hard truths.
03/08 ESM approves disbursement of 15-bln-euro loan tranche to Greece
The fifth and final tranche of loans to Greece under the third programme, amounting to 15 billion euros, will be disbursed within the coming days.
03/08 Renewed Italian government tensions fuel bond sell off, Greek bonds also pressured
Short-dated Italian government bonds sold off for the second straight day on signs of deepening tension within the Italian government that are raising the prospect of new elections, triggering a sell-off in the periphery, with the Greek 10-year yield reaching 4.135%, showing how vulnerable GGBs still remain to foreign developments, despite the fact that Greece will emerge from its bailout program in just two weeks time.
30/07 Twenty-five still missing after deadly eastern Attica fire, says fire brigade
The fire brigade said the number was reached after cross-checking available information and reports made to it.
30/07 Moodys: Greek banking system outlook changed to positive
On expectations that banks funding and asset risk will improve over the next 12 to 18 months, amid an improving but still challenging operating environment.
26/07 Death toll from Greek fires rises to 83
Meanwhile, the search for more missing persons in the burnt out buildings is continuing at the same pace.
26/07 Moodys: Greeces debt burden will remain very high for decades
The combination of very long debt maturities and low interest rates mitigate the risks from such a high debt level, but Greece might well require further debt relief in the early 2030s, as acknowledged by the euro area, Moodys Investors Service said in an annual report today.
25/07 At least 80 people lost their lives in wildfires in eastern Attica
The most devastating blazes occurred in Mati, a seaside town about 30 kilometres east of Athens, where a Red Cross official said on Tuesday morning that 26 bodies had been discovered, some of whom were locked in an embrace.
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