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Axon Holdings: Invitation To Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting


Following a decision by the Board of Directors of AXON HOLDINGS SA during its meeting as of 11 June 2010, according to the Law 2190/1920 as it is currently effective and to its Articles of Association, 


Its Shareholders to an Extraordinary Meeting on July 5th, 2010, Monday at 12:00, in the following address: 2-4 Mesogeion Avenue (Athens Tower), Office Complex A, 3rd floor, 115 27 Athens. The Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting will convene in order to discuss and decide on the following subjects of the daily agenda: 

Subject 1: Increase of the nominal value of the Companys shares, from € 0.61 to € 1.22 per share, via the decrease in the number of Companys shares (reverse split) based on a ratio of 2 existing shares for 1 new share, implying the decrease of number of shares from 40,511,610 to 20,255,805 shares and the corresponding issuance of 20,255,805 new common registered shares with a nominal value of € 1.22 per share for the replacement of 40,511,610 old common registered shares with a nominal value of € 0.61 per share. 

Subject 2: Amendment of article 5 of Articles of Association due to the increase of the nominal value and the corresponding decrease of the number of the Companys shares in accordance with the Subject 1. 

According to the Articles of Association, all Shareholders are entitled to participate in the Meeting either in person or via representative. Shareholders wishing to participate in the Meeting are obliged, via their official user in the Paperless Clearing System ("SAT" in Greek), to block the total or partial number of their shares and receive a relevant certificate, which they should submit to the Companys cashiers (2 Ermou Street, Municipality of Athens, telephone number 210-3216000) at least five (5) days prior to the Shareholders Meetings date. In case that no official user has been appointed and the shares are deposited in a special account, the Central Security Depository will provide shareholders with the relevant certificate. 

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