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Dromeas: Announcement


DROMEAS SA, announce that in implementation of the decision, of the general meeting of shareholders on 12/05/2008, proceeded in signing a non-convertible bond loan of 5 million Euros, with bond holder and lender the Piraeus Bank. The loans length is 7 years and the reason is the funding of : a) the investments of the daughter company (by 100%) DROMEAS BG, that has as its base Sofia Bulgaria, which will buy a privately owned showroom in Sofia Bulgaria, of total value 2 million Euros, in a market that has a special interest in regards to the commercial development of the company. b) with 1,5 million Euros of the rest of the necessary working capital for covering the needs that the contract of the European Commission has created for us (a project worth 30-40 million Euros with a completion term of 3-4 years) c) the payment of the last part of the previous bond loan, of the same bank, with a value of 1,5 million Euros.

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