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Philippos Nakas: Announcement


The company PHILIPPOS NAKAS S.A., as per the article of the A.S.E Regulation and its General Assembly resolution on 04.11.2009, announces the payment of 0,02 Euros (gross) and 0,018 Euros (net) per share as dividend for the fiscal year 01.07.2008-30.06.2009. 

The cut off date of the right for dividend is the 30th of November 2009. Beneficiaries of the dividend (record date) for the fiscal year 01.07.2008-30.06.2009 are the shareholders who own companys shares at the closing of A.S.E. trading session on the 2nd of December 2009, according to the clearance of the Central Depository. The payment of the dividend will begin on December 8th 2009. 

According to article 5.5 of the A.S.E. Regulation and after the resolution of the companys B.o.D. on 13.11.2009, we announce to our companys shareholders that the payment of the dividend will be effected through the National Bank of Greece from the 8th of December 2009 until the 8th of December 2010. During this period the shareholders will be able to collect their dividend through their authorized operators (Brokerage Companies, Banks) who will contact the paying bank "THE NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE" (Depository dept., 330 Thiseos Ave., Kallithea tel: 210 9477833, 210-9477714 & 210 9477818, Mr. Ioannis Xidis or Mr. Elias Dimitriou). 

The shareholders (who have not given or have recalled their authorization to their operators for the collection of dividends) are also able to collect their dividend personally through the National Bank of Greece network, presenting their I.D. card with their C.N.I.S. (Code Number of Investor Share in D.D.S) or a printout from the D.D.S. 

Alternatively, the shareholders can also collect their dividend through legally authorized representatives (presenting the respective authorization form officially validated and stamped by a State Authority regarding the originality of the signature). 

After the 8th of December 2010 the payment of the dividends will be possible only at the companys headquarters (19th km. Leof. Lavriou, 190 02 Peania, Attiki, tel.: 210 6686101 Investors Relations dept.). 

Dividends which remain uncollected within a period of five (5) years become invalid for the owner, in favour of the Greek State. 

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