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Forthnet Confirms Interest In Wind Hellas

“Forthnet confirms the submission of a non binding offer, subject to strictly confidential terms, for the acquisition of the shares of WIND Hellas Telecommunications S.A,” an official announcement said.

The company points out that the submission of a non binding offer does not imply that it will be accepted, neither that, in case it will be accepted, Forthnet will further submit a binding offer. Also, the submission of a binding offer does not necessarily imply its acceptance, neither that the respective negotiations will result in the conclusion of an agreement.

“In any case, Forthnet notes that it will pursue the above business target only if it finally judges that the said transaction will be to the benefit of both the Company and its shareholders. Forthnet will duly inform the investors on any material development within the framework of the existing legislation and the above confidentiality terms,” the company noted.

On the other hand, the parent company of Greek telecommunications company Wind Hellas said it has received a number of offers from investors to buy some of its assets, Dow Jones Newswires reports.

Hellas II said in a statement that discussions with several parties will now be advanced, with a view to requesting final and binding offers in mid Oct. 2009.

The company also said  that it has launched a waiver and amendment request with its lenders to provide it with greater flexibility under its revolving credit facility, the news agency reports.
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