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MIG To Relaunch Macedonian Airlines

MIGs head Andreas Vgenopoulos said Thursday that Olympic Air may relaunch in the near future Macedonian Airlines.

Speaking after Olympic Airs inaugural flight in Thessaloniki, Vgenopoulos mentioned that Olympic Air holds the exclusive rights to the Macedonian Airlines brand name.

The company will be up-and-running in the coming two or three months while its first routes will include Germany and Amsterdam.

Macedonian Airlines was created in 1992 as the charter subsidiary of the Greek national airline, Olympic Airways.

Until 2003, Macedonians fleet was also used on OA scheduled services.

On December 12, 2003, due to the mounting problems of the Olympic Airways Group, a restructuring plan was formed. Macedonian Airlines was separated from the Group, renamed Olympic Airlines and took over all the data and flight operations of Olympic Airways.
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