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Nakas Music: Invitation To A General Assembly


In accordance with the Greek Law and the Companys Articles, and after the resolution of its Board of Directors, the Companys Shareholders are invited to an Ordinary General Assembly on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, at 09.00 a.m. at companys Head Offices, in Peania, Attiki, 19th km of Lavriou Ave., to discuss and resolve upon the following items on the Agenda:

1. Submission and approval of the Financial Statements established according to the I.A.S. for the financial year 2009 (1.7.2008 - 30.06.2009), with the reports of the Board of Directors and the Certified Auditors-Accountants. 

2. Exemption of the members of the Board of Directors and the Certified Auditors-Accountants from any reimbursement, for the Companys Management for the fiscal year 01.07.2008 - 30.06.2009. 

3. Approval for the distribution of earnings and decision about the time of the dividends distribution for the fiscal year 01.07.2008 - 30.06.2009. 

4. Approval of the salaries granted to the Board of Directors during the fiscal year 01.07.2008 - 30.06.2009 and pre-approval of the salaries for the fiscal year 01.07.2009 - 30.06.2010. 

5. Election of Certified Auditors-Accountants for the auditing of the fiscal year 01.7.2009 - 30.06.2010. 

6. Various announcements. 

Under the Greek law and the Companys Articles, in order for the Shareholders and their representatives to be eligible for attending the Ordinary General Assembly, they must, deposit the tying-up certificate for their shares, (5) days before the session of the Assembly, as per the Article 51 of Law 2396/96, from the Central Securities Depository as well as any other legalization certificate, authorization for participation of the representative for the legal persons, at the companys headquarters in 19th km Leof. Lavriou, 190 02 Peania.

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