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Dromeas: Announcement


Dromeas announces that according to the law 3556/2007(section 3, paragraph 1 (), () and section 21),to the decision 1/434/03/07/2007 of the Capital Market Commission and to the law 3340/2005, section 13. Mr. Ioannis Papapanagiotou, an important shareholder of DROMEAS S.A, has sold on 09/09/2009 620.000 common shares, of total nominal value euro 519.927 , via a fixed price (parcel) to Mr Papapanagiotou I Konstantinos, and the rest of 120.000 common shares to free trade. As a result, the total amount of his shares and the corresponding rights of votes has been altered from 10.582.540 (percentage 30,48 %) to 9.962.540 (percentage 28,69 %).

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