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Petros Petropoulos SA: Group H2 2009 Financial Report

Group invoiced sales decreased by 29%, to € 38.5mio (€ 54.4 mio in 2008). Total group sales (including indent sales) also decreased by 29% to € 38.7 mio (€ 54.8 mio in 2008).

Sales of the Commercial Vehicle Division (Scania trucks & buses, Isuzu pickups and light-duty vehicles) decreased by 29%. 

The Automotive Machinery Division, which includes Petrogen, Engines & Boats, Agricultural and Industrial Equipment Business Units, also suffered a sales drop of 27%. Sales of the PMS Business Unit (batteries), also decreased by 29%.

Net profit after tax and minority rights was reduced to € 1.1 mio (€ 1.9 mio in 2008).
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