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Teletypos: Dividend For Fiscal Year 2008


It is hereby announced that the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the "TELETYPOS SA", held on 25.6.2009, approved the payment of dividend of euro 0.67 per share, for the financial year 2008. After the withholding of the tax (10%) shareholders will receive a net amount of euro 0.603 per share. The record date for the determination of the shareholders entitled to dividend is Monday the 20th of July 2009. The dividend payment will commence on the 24th of July 2009 through EFG Eurobank as follows: 

1. To the operators (custodians and securities firms) of the beneficiary Shareholders provided that the Shareholders have granted them the right to collect dividends on their account.
2. o the Shareholders themselves, through the branch network of EFG Eurobank, by presenting their ID, as well as their particulars in the Dematerialized Securities System, in case they keep their shares with the Hellenic Exchanges S.A. or they have not given to their Operator the authority to collect dividend on their account or they have recalled such authority.
3.The dividend may also be collected by a third person if, such person, apart from the above, holds an authorization with the full data of the beneficiary Shareholder verified for the authenticity of the signature of the Shareholder by the Police or any other competent Authority.

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