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Axon Holding: Establishment of a new company by Axon Holding and Euromedica


In follow-up to an announcement made on 13 April 2009, AXON HOLDINGS S.A. and Euromedica S.A. would like to inform their shareholders and investors in general that they established a new real estate management societe anonyme under the name EUROMEDICA REAL ESTATE SOCIETE ANONYME and the distinctive title EUROMEDICA REAL ESTATE S.A., which will have its primary place of business in Chalandri (hereinafter the "Company"). 

The Companys initial share capital is Euro 60,000.00, broken down into 600 registered shares of a nominal value of Euro 100.00 each. Holdings S.A. paid Euro 59,900.00 and received 599 share, and EUROMEDICA S.A. paid Euro 100,00 and received 1 share. 

The purpose of the company is to engage in the management, development and exploitation of the real estate that belongs to the Group or third parties, to provide relevant technical advisory services relating to the management of real estate, as well as to ensure the Companys participation in companies having similar purposes.
Upon completion of the preparation of the required qualifying documents, the Company shall submit the relevant folder to the Capital Market Commission in order to obtain approval for its conversion into a real estate investment company pursuant to Law No. 2778/99. Upon relevant licensing, most of the real estate that belongs to the AXON Group shall be transferred to the Company. 

The Companys initial Board of Directors comprises Mr. Apostolos Terzopoulos, Mr. Iakovos Ioannatos, Mr. Panagiotis Doumanoglou, Mr. Ioannis Mantouvalos and Mr. Athanasios Diakoumis.

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