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Teletypos: Announcement


Teletypos S.A. announces that: 

In accordance with article 99 of Stock Exchange Regulation, after the approval 7/9.2.2009 of the Capital Market Commission regarding the 1.871 shares related to the companys fractional rights resulting from the share capital increase through the distribution of free shares, fractional rights will be sold on Monday the 16th of February 2009. Piraeus Securities S.A. has been appointed as the member of the Athens Stock Exchange in charge to sell the shares. The starting price can not be less than 5% of the closing price of the 13th of February. The Member must on the same day inform the "Teletypos S.A.", "Hellenic Exchanges S.A." and the Central Market Committee on the outcome of the sale. The product of the above sale will be submitted by the Athens Stock Exchange Member, on behalf of the company, to the Deposit and Loans Fund. The investing public will be informed on the outcome of the sale, the procedure and the supporting documents required, in order for them to receive the amount they have the right to by the Deposit and Loans Fund.

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