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Talks And Signatures On Greek Ports



The deal for the concession of Piraeus ports container terminal to Chinas Cosco is expected to be countersigned today or tomorrow, even as the Greek government and the concessionaire are engaging in talks on how to protect Coscos investment from competition from neighbouring ports.


According to Piraeus Port Authoritys plans, the contract will be discussed by the BoD in the beginning of October, so that the final contract may be signed by December 15, after it has received approval by competent authorities. The concessionaire will take over as of October 2009.

Until then, both Cosco tries to further shield its interests in Greek ports.

Cosco wants to ensure that no other container terminal is created at a 100 km radius around Piraeus and wants to set out free trade zones.

Negotiations are expected to be complete by the beginning of November between Thessalonniki Port Authority and Hutchinson-Alapis for the concession of the container terminal., The text will be approved by Parliament so that the concessionaire may take over in January 2009.

Stelios Kraloglou

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