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Altec Telecoms In Search Of Solution (And Buyer?)



Altec management tries to sell Altec Telecoms, according to sources from the telecommunications market, as problems with OTE persist. The same sources said that Altec has contacted at least three telecom operators in a bid to sell the company.

The company did not pay the 250,000 euro guarantee set by the regulatory authority which would force OTE to reactivate Altecs interconnection circuits. The problem thus persists, but Altec Telecoms has found alternative solutions to maintain the smooth provision of services to its customers.

Sources said that Altec executives contacted Wind, Forthnet and Hellas on Line to discuss the possible sale of the company. Up to now, no buyer was found. Altec Telecoms debt to OTE is a burden for the company.

This is not the first time that Altec Telecoms is in search of a buyer. Sources told that the company had tried to find a potential buyer at the beginning of 2008, but with no success.

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