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Altec: Resolutions Of 2nd Repeat Meeting

During the B Repeated Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the company, which was held today 29/07/2008, there were shareholders, representing a percentage of 39.03 % of the share capital (39,164,391 shares with voting rights out of 100,353,000 total shares) and the sole topic listed in the agenda was discussed, as it was announced by the BoD invitation on 15/07/2008. The one and only topic of the Agenda was referring to the issuance of stock option plan to the BoD members, to the companys and affiliate companies personnel, according to the article 13 par. 13 of Law 2190/1920 and provision of the according authorisations to the BoD of the company. The assembly decided on the above subject and established a stock option plan, with increase in share capital of the company and issuance of 10,000,000 shares at maximum, with nominal value of 0.44 Euros each. The program will have three-year duration. Further, it assigned the BoD to decide the exercise price of the shares, the determination of beneficiaries and the individual categories, the starting date of the program, the distribution terms of the option and any other term or any other regulation of the program is required.
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