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The Offercs for the Concession of Thessaloniki Port

A few hours after the rejection of the appeals lodged in the tender for the concession of Thessaloniki port’s container terminal, there is speculation about financial proposals that have been submitted by Cosco, Dubai Ports and Hutchison – Alapis.

Specifically, people close to the matter say that at current values the financial proposal made by Cosco (which is already in negotiations as far as the final aggremet for the concession of Piraeus port’s container terminal is concerned) is at the amount of 200 mil. euro. The offer from Dubai Ports is at  280 mil. euro, while the proposal from the consortium Hutchison - Alapis is at the price of 400 mil. euro.

If the above mentioned information is verified, then the consortium Hutchison-Alapis gets a head start in the concession for Thessaloniki’s port.

What is necessary for the completion of the tender is the official opening of bids. The official publication of the financial bids is expected to take place by Monday, or the latest by next Thursday

Sources from the shipping market believe that in any case the price offered by the bidders will be proportionately larger from the one that was submitted for Piraeus port. As they say, this is due to the following two reasons: First of all, because in the case of Thessaloniki, the bidder will not operate only one pier (as in OLP), but the whole of the harbour and secondly because of the significant gains of the port, as the final bidder gains significant access to all emerging markets in the Balkans and in the area of Southeast Europe.
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