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Altec Telecoms Vindicates Leading Role In Greek Market


The management of Altec Telecoms said at a press conference on Tuesday that the company considers cooperating with a strategic partner.


The new CEO Ms Soula Evans told, answered to a relevant question by, saying that Altec Telecoms is indeed considering the conclusion of broader cooperation schemes in a bid to consolidate its position in the market, amid tough competition.

“Altec Telecoms disposes of all the necessary assets to become a market leader over the next five years,” added Ms Evans.

The CEO pointed out that Altec Telecoms is currently developing its own telecommunications network and already disposes of 11 nodes. According to Altec Telecoms plan, by the end of 2009, the company will cover 60% of the Greek territory and 80% of the countrys population.

The company will disclose its new business plan in autumn, focusing on iinnovative services and the provision of integrated telecommunications solutions.

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