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Euromedica-Athens Medical To Cooperate In Euroclinic Auction


Athens Medical (IATR) and Euromedica (EUROM) broaden their cooperation, this time in view of the auction of Euroclinic. Euromedicas main shareholder, Mr Liakounakos, said that the two companies may cooperate to purchase Euroclinic. This cooperation may be concluded before or after the acquisition.


Sources said that the two sides have reached an agreement, according to which, in case one of the two companies outbids at the auction, it will keep the assets it is interested in and will sell the rest to the other party.

Euromedica has a keen interest in acquiring a clinic in Athens, where it lacks a big unit, while Athens Medical is interested in the Bucharest clinic. The two companies could also establish a joint venture that will manage Euroclinics three clinics.

In the past the two companies have cooperated to take up the management of Henri Dunant hospital in Athens. This cooperation is set to be continued and broadened, as is confirmed by both Henri Dunant and Euromedica-Athens Medical.

An auction is currently under way for the sale of Euroclinics three units in Athens and Bucharest. Four bidders have submitted binding offers: Euromedica, Athens Medical, Hygeia and Global Finance. Sources close to Euroclinic say the auction will be complete within June.


Euroclinic Athens disposes of 162 beds, eight surgery rooms, a 12-bed IR unit and a 4-bed cardiological unit for infarct cases. Euroclinic Pediatrical has 57 beds while the Bucharest unit has 90 beds.


Thanassis Papadis

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