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New Bank Of Greece Administration To Be Announced Shortly


The appointment of the Bank of Greeces new administration is set to bring a new dynamism to the central bank. Without ruling out surprises, Piraeus Banks current CEO Giorgos Provopoulos is expected to be appointed as governor of the BoG.


The name of the new BoG governor and deputy governor will be announced by next Friday by Finance Minister Mr Alogoskoufis. The most probable successors of deputy governor Paleokrassas are Mr Filipoppoulos or Ms Louri.

Professor Filipoppoulos is a person trusted by the Finance Minister. Sources said that Mr Filipopoulos does not belong to the ruling New Democracy party.

Ms Eleni Louri, an Oxford University graduate is also an internet professor and for the last four years is the Prime Ministers financial director.

The second deputy governor Mr Takis Thomopoulos will remain in his post.

Mr Provopoulos is considered to be one of Greeces most experienced and capable bankers. The 58-year old was the chairman of the Financial Experts Council under the Mitsotakis government


Sources close to Mr Provopoulos speak of a highly talented person, modest and dedicated to accomplishing his targets. He has experience from both private banking and the BoG. He has served as Emporiki Bank chairman, before the bank was privatised. He also served as BoG deputy chairman from 1990 to 1993.

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