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Teletipos:Dividend Distribution

TELETYPOS S.A., in application of article 279 par. 1 of the Athens Exchanges Regulation, announces that the Annual Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of the Company held on May 15th 2008, decided on the following as regards to the dividend distribution for financial year 2008:
The dividend corresponds to a net dividend of euro 0.25 per share.
Beneficiaries of the 2007 dividend will be shareholders of the Company according to the Companys shareholder registry and the files of Hellenic Exchanges S.A. - as at the end of the Athens Exchange session on May 29th 2008 (dividend record date).
From May 30th 2008 (ex-dividend date) the Companys shares will be traded on the Athens Exchange without the right to dividend. The payment of the dividend to beneficiaries will commence on June 6th 2008. EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. has bee appointed as the paying bank, and will pay the dividend as follows:
- Through official users in the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.) and according to the new distribution process as defined by articles 329 of the Athens Exchange Regulation and 39 of the Central Securities Depositorys Regulation for shareholders who have provided relevant authorization to their D.S.S. user for their shares.
- Through the branches of EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. for shareholders who hold their shares in the special D.S.S. account or who have not provided or have revoked the relevant authorization towards the D.S.S. official users (at least five business days prior to the dividend payment date with a relevant letter to the Central Securities Depositary) or for shares held in accounts of non-presented investors.
For such cases, the dividend payment will take place directly to the shareholder or a legally authorized by such individual, by presenting their official identification card, their VAT Reg. No. and a copy of the shareholders data on the Dematerialized Securities System. In case of a dividend payment to an authorized individual, apart from the above information, a written authorization by the shareholder certified by a relevant state authority must also be presented to EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.
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