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NEL Lines: Circulation Of New Shares

The Board of Directors of NEL LINES announces that as from 02/05/2008 the 23.830.136 new common shares of the company will commence trading on the Athens Exchange.
The new shares have a face value 0,30 Euro each and resulted from the Increase of the Share Capital with cash payment which was decided by the Board of Directors on the 20/12/2007 meeting, based on the authorization of the 2nd Shareholder Repetitive General Assembly on the 30/10/2006.
The Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange during its meeting held on 22/4/2008 approved the admission of 23.830.136 new shares to trading in the Athens Exchange. It is stated that, the new shares shall be credited on the day of commencement of trading in the share accounts and the security accounts of the Shareholders in the Dematerialised Securities System (D.S.S.).
For additional information the shareholders can address their queries to the company, Shareholders Department Mrs Kofina (tel.210-4118121 Akti Miaouli 25, Piraeus).
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