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Hygeia To Offer Fully Vertical Health Services


Providing fully vertical health services in Greece is a top priority for Hygeia (HYGEIA). According to information, Hygeia has almost completed the first stage of this project that involves primary health services. Hygeia wants to offer health services of all degrees.

The company focuses in the establishment or acquisition of a big diagnostic centre. Given than no such unit meeting with the standards set by Hygeia operates in Greece, the company plans to create a new one. A similar centre may also be realised in Thessaloniki.

Realising this investment is expected to help Hygeia grow more, as it will relieve its main clinics from every-day cases and will allow for the further development of the more profitable surgical activities. Complementary actions that will reduce post-surgical treatment like house treatment will be implemented.

Hygeia wants to raise the share of its primary health services in its total turnover to 25% from the current 18.5%/

At the same time, the company keeps searching ways to expand abroad, either through acquiring existing units, or through the establishment of new ones. Acquisitions are preferred because they generate profit faster.

Hygeia has drawn around 300 million euro from a convertible bond loan while another 200 million euro can be drawn through the issue of a simple bond loan.

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