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Heracles Cement Fined On Environmental Grounds

A 250,000 euro fine has been imposed on Heracles General Cement Company, a member of the Lafarge group due to lack of compliance with environment legislation. Residents of Volos have been complaining of high levels of dust and gas emissions for a long time now.


Inspectors of the Environment Ministry visited the cement production plant located near the city of Volos and attested to breaches of environmental standards: Prime materials are stored in open air, not disposing of closed facilities. The rotating ovens do not dispose of a water-spraying system and as a result Nox emissions are high. Nox and SO2 detectors were not installed while there were a number of unlicensed water wells within the factorys premises.


The Environment Minister has signed a new decision which imposes stricter environmental conditions on the plant.


Electrostatic filters will have to be replaced by hybrid filters to reduce dust emissions. Furthermore, the plant will have to shift to natural gas instead of the polluting mazut currently in use. Emission measuring systems will have to be installed and prime materials will have to be stored in closed facilities. The rotating ovens will have to use biomass instead of conventional fuel and special conditions will have to be met by the port facilities.

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