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Teletypos Sells NetMed Participation To Forthnet

Following the announcement of the 31st of October 2007, "Teletypos S.A." notifies that "Teletypos Kyprou Ltd", a 100% subsidiary of "Teletypos S.A." has entered into an agreement to sell, along with the majority shareholders, its participation in the share capital of "NetMed N.V." to "Forthnet S.A.". The total consideration equals to the enterprise value of "NetMed N.V." of 490.000.000 euro. "Teletypos Kyprou Ltd" holds a 12,528% share in "NetMed N.V.".
The completion of the acquisition is subject to certain conditions including the approval of the acquisition and the change of control of undertakings affiliated to "NetMed N.V." by the competent authorities in Greece and in Cyprus, as well as the approval of "Forthnet S.A.s" share capital increase from the Extraordinary General Meeting of the companys shareholders.
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