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Altec: Presentation To Greek Investors

The activities of the Altec group in the telecommunications and retail market will constitute a concrete point for the next 5 year period, according to the companys presentation towards the Association of Greek Institutional Investors.
The companys Management presented in detail the groups strategy and development prospects in the IT and telecommunication sector and in the retail network for sale of telecommunication services. Particular emphasis was given on the companys consistent growth in the IT sector and on the opportunities presented in countries of Southeastern Europe, especially following the inclusion of several Southeastern European countries in the European Union. As regards to Altec Telecoms, it was announced that the largest part of the investment currently underway for the establishment of self-owned infrastructure (ULL and optical fibers) will be completed during 2008. Following the completion of the investment, Altec Telecoms will own 123 self-owned nodes, and it will cover the largest part of Greeces population. Within the self-owned network, new modern services will be developed, while existing customers will be shifted together with the attraction of new customers. Through the self-owned network, telecommunication costs will be reduced, income will increase and customers confidence will be reinforced. Altec Telecoms also emphasizes on promoting VoIP Telephony (i-Call) towards all ADSL users.
In the retail sector, the Altec group operates through Microland, which currently owns 61 stores and according to planning for 2008, the number of stores will reach 100.
Through Microland s store network, consumers have the ability to select any mobile telephony program from the three providers operating in Greece, fixed telephony programs and internet by Altec Telecoms, while broadband services from other alternative providers are expected to be offered also. For further information you may refer to the companys website, where the full presentation is posted.
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