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Attica Holdings 2007 Net Income 50.72, Dividend At 0.08


Attica Holdings (ATTICA) posted consolidated revenue of € 316.31mln in 2007 (€ 308.54mln in 2006), according to a relevant announcement.


In 2007, EBITDA was € 69.58mln, compared to € 74.52mln in 2006.


Attica’s consolidated results for 2007 which include € 12.5mln profit from the sale of Superfast X and € 27.7mln from the sale of Attica’s participation in the share capital of Minoan Lines S.A., show Profit after Tax and Minority Interests of € 50.72mln, compared to € 26.28mln in 2006.


The company notes that its 2006 net profits included significant gains from the sale of vessels and capital gains of € 7.09mln from the sale of Attica’s holdings in Hellenic Seaways and other securities.


As it is pointed out by the company, 2007 results are not directly comparable to the results of 2006, due to the redeployment of three ships and the addition of one ferry in the domestic market in August 2006.


The Group’s Ebitda was largely affected by the sharp increase of the world oil prices which burdened our

fuel bills and raised the average fuel price of our Group by 9%.


Attica Group will a total dividend of € 0.08 per share.

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