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OPAP: Election of Members of the Board


OPAPS.A., pursuant to Law 3340/2005 and resolution 3/347/12.07.2005 of the Capital Market Commission, announces the following to its investors:

a) In its 38th meeting held on October 11th 2013 at10.30 a.m., OPAPs BoD, following the resignation of the BoD members, Messrs. Panagiotis F. Koliopanos, Epameinonda I. Lekea, Theofanis E. Moustakatou, Grigorios V. Felonis, Georgios H. Simeonidis and Mms. Despoina S. Laskaridou and Efthimia H. Halatsi, elected the following BoD members for the remaining term of office:          

Kamil Ziegler, Pavel Horak, Michal Houst, Georgios Melisanidis, Christos Kopelouzos, Pavel Saroch and Igor Rusek.

b) In its 39th meeting held on October 11th 2013 at 13.00 p.m., OPAP`s BoD following the resignation of the BOD members Messrs. Constantinos G. Louropoulos, Stefanos G. Pantzopoulos and Konstantinos I. Foulidis, elected the following BoD members for the remaining term of office:

Konstantin Yanakov, Marco Sala and Rudolf Jurcik.

Accordingly, pursuant to the article 13 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the status of the Board was redefined, as follows:

Kamil Ziegler               -           Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Spyros Fokas              -           A’ Vice-Chairman, Non Executive Member
Pavel Horak                 -           B’ Vice-Chairman, Non Executive Member
Michal Houst               -           Executive Member
Georgios Melisanidis      -           Non Executive Member          
Christos Kopelouzos     -           Non Executive Member
Pavel Saroch               -           Non Executive Member
Konstantin Yanakov     -           Non Executive Member
Marco Sala                  -           Non Executive Member
Igor Rusek                  -           Independent Non Executive Member
Rudolf Jurcik               -           Independent Non Executive Member 

The above mentioned decisions will be announced at the OPAP Shareholders’ General Meeting, pursuant to the article 7b’ of the C.L. 2190/1920.



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