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Alpha Bank approves 150 mln euro bond loan


The Second Iterative Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of Alpha Bank, which was held on 27.12.2012, approved the issuance by the Bank, and private placement with Crédit Agricole S.A. or a company affiliated thereto, of a bond loan, in paper form, of total principal amounting up to Euro 150 million, convertible by the bondholder into common voting shares of the Bank and redeemable by the latter, upon cancellation of the pre-emption rights of the existing (common and preferred) Shareholders of the Bank. Grant of authority to the Board of Directors of the Bank to issue and place, as well as to agree on the specific terms of, the bond loan and perform the requisite juridical or other acts.

Also the shareholders approved the delegation of authority, in accordance with articles 13 para. 1 case (b) and 3a para. 3 section first of codified law 2190/1920, as the case may be, by the General Meeting to the Board of Directors of the Bank: (i) to increase the share capital of the Bank, through the issuance and distribution of new shares, the amount whereof shall be paid in cash and/or by contribution in kind, and (ii) to issue one or more bonds convertible into Bank shares.

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