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Forthnet: Announcement- Shareholder response to Publications


Forthnet SA (“the Company”), following recent publications, informs the investing public of the letter of its shareholder, Forgendo Ltd (“Forgendo”), holder of 41,27% of the Company’s shares with voting rights, regarding the content of the said publications and specifically: 

“In relation to the publications in Press that have questioned the commitment of key shareholders to the Company, Forgendo highlights the following: 

1) Forgendo has no intention to sell its stake in the Company and has not entered into any discussions in this regard. 

2) At the last extraordinary General Meeting of the Company, Forgendo made a clear declaration of its intention to participate in the Company’s forthcoming Share Capital Increase (“the Increase”) in such a way as to maintain its current shareholding interest in the Company, taking into account the prevailing financial conditions at the time.” 

Following the above, the Company advises the investing public to keep up with the official announcements and the financial statements of the Company, which contain sufficient and reliable information about the Group’s prospective and financial condition. 

This announcement is being published according to art. 2 of decision 5/204/2000 of the Board of Directors of the HCMC, par. 1(d) of art. 6 of Law 3340/2005 and art. 21 of Law 3556/2007.  

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