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MOCHLOS: Press Release for signing of Contract


MOCHLOS S.A. announces that on 29.12.2011 JV “AKTOR S.A. – TERNA S.A. – MOCHLOS S.A.” signed with EGNATIA ODOS S.A. the contract for the construction of the project “VERTICAL AXIS OF EGNATIA ODOS KOZANI – FLORINA – NIKI: SECTION FLORINA – NIKI (50.3)”.

MOCHLOS S.A. participates to the foregoing JV with a one third percentage (1/3).

The total budget of this contract amounts to €54,459,286 (without VAT).

The project concerns the construction of section Florina – Niki (50.3) of vertical axis “Kozani – Florina – Niki” of Egnatia Odos, with a length of approximately 14.5 km. In particular, the project’s scope includes:

    Construction of section Florina – Niki, with one traffic lane per direction of a width of 12.50m, from Km 0+00 to Km 0+720 and two traffic lanes per direction of a width of 17.00m from Km 0+915 to Km 14+527.29. The transition point from one traffic lane per direction to two will occur to section Km 0+720 to Km 0+915.
    Construction of Niki’s leveled junction (Km 14+527.28) and Florina’s unleveled junctions (Km 0+684.36) and Kato Kleinon – Ano Kalliniki (Km 7+506.70).
    Construction of the assorted road construction projects (side road networks and restoration of local vertical roads’ network).

The total duration for the execution of the project is thirty months upon contract singing.

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