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TITAN: Trading in the Athens Exchange of new shares

Titan Cement Company S.A. announces that the trading n the Athens Exchange of 18,688 new common registered shares with voting rights of the Company, starts on January 13th, 2012. These shares were issued in accordance with the recent share capital increase of Euro 74,752.00, due to the exercise by 42 senior Group executives, of stock option rights for 18,688 common shares of the Company, of a nominal value of € 4 each, in accordance  with the Stock Option Plan, which has been approved by decisions of the Annual General Meetings of Shareholders dated 29.5.2007 4.6.2008 and decisions of the Board of Directors dated 26.7.2007, 28.5.2009,  and 10.11.2011.  

The above mentioned share capital increase, which does not constitute an amendment of the Articles of Association of the Company, was decided and verified by the Board of Directors of the Company on 19.12.2011 and thereafter registered with  the Registry of Societés Anonymes by decisions  K2-10195 and K2-10195 (2)/28.12.2011 of the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and the Sea.

The trading on the Athens Exchange of the above mentioned 18,688 shares was approved by the Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange on January 5th, 2012.

According to the decision of the Board of Directors of the Company, the new shares will be negotiable on the Athens Exchange as of January 13th, 2012. On the above mentioned date the opening price of the shares of the Company will be formed according to the Athens  Exchange Regulation and the new shares will have been deposited in the investor and securities accounts of their beneficiaries in the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.).
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