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Kleeman: Redistribution of Board of Directors Positions

Kleemann announces that during the meeting of the B.o.D.  on 30/12/11 the Vice President of the Board of Directors Menelaos K. Koukountzos, submitted his resignation from the position of Managing Director, holding his position as Vice President of the B.o.D. Subsequently, the member of the B.o.D. Konstantinos N. Koukountzos was appointed as the new Managing Director, while his position as General Manager, was taken over by B.o.D. member Nikolaos N. Koukountzos.

 As a result, the positions of the members of the Board of Directors are redistributed as follows:

    Nikolaos K. Koukountzos, Chairman
    Menelaos K. Koukountzos, Vice President
    Konstantinos N. Koukountzos, Managing Director
    Nikolaos N. Koukountzos, Member and General Manager
    Stergios N. Georgalis, Independent, non executive member
    Ziogas T. Vasilios, Independent, non executive member
    Maria D. Karadedolgou, Non executive member

 This decision is valid as of 01/01/2012. It is reminded that the term of the aforementioned members expires at 30.06.2014.
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