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Alumil: Announcement

Alumil administration announces that on 20.12.2011 the merger of “ALUMIL ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY S.A.” and its subsidiaries “ALUKOM ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION INDUSTRY S.A." and "INTERNO S.A.” has been approved, by absorption of the subsidiaries from parent company "ALUMIL S.A." according to the provisions of Articles 68-78 of Law 2190/20, Articles 1-5 of Law 2166/1993 and the relevant decisions of the Boards of Directors of the absorbing and the absorbed companies.

The above stated approval decisions have been recorded in the Companies Register of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, with registration number K2 - 9595/20.12.2011 and K2 - 9594/20.12.2011 respectively.
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