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Forthnet: Announcement


The company Forthnet A.E. informs that at the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders, dated 15.12.2011, the 72.96% of the paid-up share capital was represented and upon shareholder’s request in accordance with Article 39, paragraph 3, subparagraph a of Law 2190/1920, as in force, the discussion and decision taking on the items of the agenda was postponed for January 13, 2012, the day being Friday at 12:30 at the same place, namely at the companys headquarters, in the Municipality of Heraklion, Crete (Science and Technology Park of Crete, and around Vassilika Vouton ). 

The postponed General Meeting is a continuation of the previous one and the publicity formalities of the invitation of shareholders need not be repeated 

New shareholders may also participate abiding to the formalities of the existing legislation.

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