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Fourlis: Announcement

FOURLIS HOLDINGS S.A., according to the Athens Stock Exchange regulation, art., par. , announces that, by making use of L.3888/2010 the Company concluded with the tax audit for the financial years 2008 and 2009 as follows:

Total tax resulted from the audit amounts to euro 179.272,88 out of which euro 158.825,02 is related to the financial year 2008 and euro 20.447,86 is related to the financial year 2009.

The final tax paid following the discount for full upfront payment is euro 164.931,05

The Company had taken provision of euro 100.000,00 for the non-audited by the Tax Authorities financial years. The remaining amount of euro 64.931,05 will be recorded in financial statements of 2011.

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