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Titan: Stock Option Plan

Titan Cement Company S.A. announces that according to the Stock Option Plan  approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 29 May 2007, 48 stock option beneficiaries are invited to exercise, from 7 to 9-12-2011,  their options to purchase up to 21.062 new common Company shares, at an exercise price equal to the nominal price of the Company’s share, i.e. 4 Euro per share. 
Depending on the number of stock options to be exercised by the beneficiaries, the Board of Directors of the Company will decide at its meeting on 19.12.2011 a commensurate increase in the Company share capital, in accordance with article 13 par. 13 of Law 2190/1920, by issuing new common Company shares and shall take any action required for the introduction of the new shares for trading on the Athens Exchange.
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