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Offshore Wind Farm Investments Under Launching

Greek Regulatory Energy Authority has asked the Transmission System Operator to proceed with improvements and revisions of plans for interconnection in the Aegean islands, paving the way for investments in off shore wind farms. 

RAE said that there are 36 applications for wind parks with total power of 5266.25 MW, which were submitted by major companies operating in Greek RES market. 

In a letter, RAE calls the Operator to examine the techno-economic aspects of these interconnections and whether they would affect the strategic planning under public consultation. 

The Authority suggested the TSO to take into account and utilize the latest studies on interconnection of offshore wind farms in the North Sea, provided that they are compatible with Greece. 

The total investment exceeds €7 billion. For projects have applied TERNA ENERGY in Thrace (585MW), Limnos (320MW) and Marathon (450MW), Copelouzos group in Thrace (216MW), RF Energy (Feidakis-Restis) in Limnos (500MW) and Kos (74MW), EDF-G.Fakidis in Karpathos (350MW) and Evia (135MW), Ellaktor in Corfu (162MW), Venergia (V.Panagiotidis) in Othonous (261MW) ENTEKA in Corfu (30MW), Jasper in Othonous (495MW) and Acciona in Etoloakarnania (141MW).
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