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Attica: Announcement

Attica Holdings SA (the Company) announces that the Extraordinary shareholders meeting held on 2nd November 2011, decided the reduction of the share capital of the Company by Euro 101,579,969.60 for the creation of special reserves, as per art.4 of Common Law 2190/20. The reduction of the Company’s share capital will be effected through the reduction of the nominal value of the Company’s from Euro 0.83 to Euro 0.30 per share.
Following the above, the reduced share capital of the Company will amount Euro 57,498,096 consisting of 191,660,320 shares, each with a nominal value of Euro 0.30.
Following the approval of the Ministry of Development for the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company on 16th November, 2011, the Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange was notified of the reduction of the nominal value of Attica’s share in their meeting of 24th November, 2011 and the shares of the Company will be traded in the Athens Exchange with the new nominal value as of 30th November, 2011.
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