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Greek Construction Groups Claim Romanian Project

With major construction projects in Greece stalled, Romania has become an “oasis” for Greek groups, which claim a large project in the neighbouring country. 

Romania plans to upgrade the rail network, whose market share has remained stagnant since 1990. was told that J&P-Avax, Ellaktor and GEK Terna have submitted bids for the reconstruction of 66.2km railway section Brasov-Simeria, budgeted at €532.3 million (excluding VAT). 

The competent Romanian authority has divided the project into two parts of 29.6km and 36.6km each. 

J&P-Avax in a consortium with Aktor, an Ellaktor subsidiary, and Italian Gemmo, which manages the Bucharest international airport have submitted an offer. 

GEK TERNA has also submitted an offer for the €285 part, but the competition is tough as international giants have also expressed interest:

- A joint venture of Italian Astaldi and Romanian Dafora

- A consortium of Spanish FCC Construction and Azvi, Austrian Alpine Bau and Romanian Straco

- Slovak Doprastav with Romanian Concefa.

Additionally, Austrian Porr Bau, German Wiebe and Hochtief Solutions, and Italian Impregilo and Impresa Pizzarotti & C could claim the project. 

Aktor with Romanian Arcade have also submitted a bid for the second part, which is budgeted at €247.2 million. 

The Greek-Romanian consortium faces the competition of numerous foreign groups, which also claim the project including Spanish Copasa and Puentes, and Czech OHL.

The construction period is estimated at 42 months.

Unlike Greece, construction in Romania has risen. Eurostat said that Romanian market has recorded one of the highest growth rates among Eurozone countries.
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