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Attica Bank: Change in the Composition of the BoD

In accordance with the provisions of resolution . 3/347/12.07.2005 (art. 2, par 2(e)) of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Attica Bank S.A announces that its Board of Directors, meeting on 25/10/2011, elected Mr. Konstantinos Gouvalas as non-executive member of the Board of Directors, following the resignation of Mr. Spyridon Pantelias.  Following the election of Mr. Gouvalas, the composition of the Attica Bank’s Board of Directors, therefore, is the following:
-          Ioannis Gamvrilis,  Chairman of the BoD and Executive Director  (executive member of the BoD)
-          Argyrios Zafeiropoulos, Vice-Chairman of the BoD (executive member)
-          Ioannis Ioannidis (executive member)
-          Alexandros Antonopoulos (non-executive member)
-          Efthymia Deli (non-executive member)
-          Konstantinos Gouvalas (non-executive member)
-          Athanasios Presvelos (non-executive member)
-          Athanasios Stathopoulos  (non-executive member)
-          Athanasios Tzakopoulos (non-executive member)
-          Georgios Tsoukalas (independent, non executive member)
-          Georgios Palaiodimos (independent non-executive member)
-          Georgios Chortareas (non-executive, additional member of the BoD according to the provisions of Law 3723/2008).
Following the election of Mr. Gouvalas, no further changes are introduced as to the composition of the BoD, its competences and the powers of representation.
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