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Alumil: Lapse of the right to the dividend for fiscal year 2005


Alumil – Aluminium Industry S.A. informs its shareholders that on 31.12.2011, the five year period, during which the dividend for fiscal year 2005 can be collected, expires.

Following the above mentioned date, dividends not collected by shareholders will lapse in favor of the Greek State, in accordance to current legislation.

Shareholders, who have not collected the dividend of 2005, must visit the company’s investor relations office (business days and hours) for the immediate collection of their dividends at the following address (Ind. Area of Kilkis, 611 00, Kilkis, tel: +30 23410 79300, fax: +30 23410 71 988)


ALUMIL is ranked among the largest aluminium extrusion and profiles production private European groups (No 1 in Greece since 2000) establishing production sites, large sales networks and warehouses for products targeting architectural & industrial use, shipbuilding, transportation, etc. With 29 subsidiaries, 21 of which are spread throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, ALUMIL provides production sites in four Hellenic industrial areas, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Albania. ALUMIL has successfully infiltrated into 45 markets in Europe, the Balkans, the M. East and in the U.S.A. A significant competitive advantage remains its widespread sales network in Greece and in every client-country. Parent company was founded in 1988 and since 1998 is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange. Included eight times in GrowthPlus’ Europe’s 500 for its contribution to the European economy, ALUMIL Group sales surpassed € 202.5 m. in 2010, EBITDA reached € 21.3 m. Alumil is an associated member of the European Aluminium Association as a recognition of the Company’s significant contribution to the field of design and production of architectural aluminium systems, and industrial profiles. 

(Symbols: Athens Stock Exchange: , Reuters: ALMr.AT, Bloomberg: ALMY GA, Telerate (Bloomberg): GR;ALMY).

 Filoktimon Vakalis | Group Investor Relations & Research


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