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Forthnet: Announcement of Regulated Information

Athens, 28.09.2011. Forthnet announces the election at the BoD’s meeting of today of Mr. Erwin Kooij, as a new member of its’ Board of Directors in substitution of the resigned member Franciscus Johannes Botman.
Following the above substitution the Board of Directors is composed as follows:

1. Deepak Srinivas Padmanabhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors (non executive member),

2. Panos Papadopoulos, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director (executive member),

3. Vassilios Dougalis, non executive member

4. David Kay, non executive member,

5. Erwin Kooij, non executive member

6. Edwin Lloyd, independent, non executive member.

7. Majid Mohsin, non executive member,

8.  Bhavneet Singh, independent, non executive member,

9. Michael Warrington, non executive member,

The present announcement is published in accordance with the Athens Stock Regulation par. e),, the Law 3556/2007, the Law 3340/2005 and the 3/347/12.07.2005 resolution of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.
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