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Athens Exchange: Announcement

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) Board of Directors, during its session on September 5th, 2011, approved the admission to trading of 76,144 new common registered shares of the company "FRIGOGLASS S.A.", which resulted from the share capital increase through the exercise of rights to participate in a stock option plan by executives of the company and its affiliated companies. The start date of trading of the new shares is set on September 12th, 2011.

Moreover, the ATHEX Board of Directors, during todays session, was informed of the decrease in the par value of the shares of the company "ALPHA TRUST NDROMEDA INVESTMENT TRUST SA" from euro 1.71 to euro 1.66 and the capital return of euro 0.05 per share to shareholders through a cash payment. The trading of the existing shares under their new par value of euro 1.66 per share, as well as, the ex-rights date for the receipt of the capital return is set on September 9th, 2011. Beneficiaries of the capital return are the ones registered in the records of the Dematerialised Securities System on September 13th, 2011, date of determination of beneficiaries (record date). Moreover, the ATHEX Board of Directors, during todays session, was informed of the decrease in the share capital of the same company through the cancellation of 630,000 own common registered shares that will take place on September 16th, 2011.

Furthermore the Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange at its meeting today, decided the transfer of shares of the companies "DUROS S.A.", "SANYO HELLAS HOLDING S.A." to the Under Surveillance Category, in accordance with article of the Rulebook and in continuance of its decision of 07.04.2011. The transfer of shares of the aforementioned companies to the Under Surveillance Category will be effective as of Tuesday, September 6th 2011.

Finally, the Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange, during todays session, approved The renewal of the market making licence for the ATHEX Member "PIRAEUS SECURITIES S.A." on the shares of the listed companies "NAT. BANK OF GREECE S.A.", and "HELLENIC TELECOM. ORG.".
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