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Forthnet: Results for the Q2 2011, Trading Update and Operating Performance


122k Households have chosen bundles of telecom and payTV services 

Broadband Subscribers top the half million mark 

472k active LLU customers

358k active payTV subs, a Y-o-Y increase of 32k digital subs in Greece

Consolidated revenues of €105.8M vs. €101.9M in 2010 (+3.8%)

Consolidated adjusted EBITDA of €23.7M vs. €17.6M in 2010 (+35.2%) with an EBITDA margin of 22.4% (+5.2 pp vs. Q2 2010)

Reprofiling of the Group’s debt maturities successfully completed

Renewal and extension of SuperLeague rights until 2015

Q2 Overview
Focused management initiatives are improving operational efficiency for the Group and are accelerating integration of the payTV and telecom businesses, offering major opportunities for cost containment. At the same time the demand for bundled telecom and payTV services remains strong.
Bundled Services
In Q2 2011 the Group continued to attract customers that bundle telecom and payTV services. By the end of Q2 the Group served 730k unique households, among which, 122k have chosen bundled services. The penetration of Bundled Services in the subscriber base is expected to increase over time.
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