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Sfakianakis: Change in the Composition of the BoD

SFAKIANAKIS S.A. announces that after the resignation of Mr. Nikitas Pothoulakis from the position of Alternate CEO and according to the decision of the BoD made on 12.08.2011, Company’s Board of Directors has been recomposed as follows:

1. Stavros Taki                          President & CEO, Executive Member

2. Miranta-Efstratia Sfakianaki       Vice-President & Alternate CEO, Executive Member

3. Dimitrios Hountas                   General Manager, Executive Member

4. Nikolaos Patsatzis                   Executive Member

5. George Gardelis                     Executive Member

6. Aikaterini Sfakianaki                Non-executive Member

7. Athanasios Platias                   Non-executive Member

8. Nikitas Pothoulakis                  Non-executive Member

9. Peter Tzanetakis                    Independent Non-executive Member

0. Christophoros Katsambas        Independent Non-executive Member

1. George Taniskidis                  Independent Non-executive Member
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