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Mochlos: Announcement

MOCHLOS S.A. announces that according to article 9(5) of L. 3556/30.04.2007 and in order to facilitate the calculation and determination of the limits for acquiring or selling significant number of shares by shareholders or voting rights holders, the procedure of the shares reverse split was completed on August 24th 2011.

In particular, the increase of the shares nominal value from 1 Euro to 16 Euro was completed with the simultaneous reduction of the total outstanding number of existing shares from 73.410.192 to 4.588.137, pro rata 1 new share replaced for every 16 old shares.

The new 4.588.137 common registered shares started floating on 24/08/2011 and the companys share capital amounts to euro 73.410.192 divided into 4.588.137 common registered shares of nominal value 16 Euro each.
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