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Greece Announced 430m Tender For Waste Management


Environment Ministry fights against time to prevent Athens turning into Naples, as it has announced an invitation of tender for waste management in Attica. 

The government seeks to resolve the situation through a giant project of €430 million, which provides the construction of four plants of integrated waste management of 1.35 tonnes of waste in greater Athens. 

The main objective is to prevent the saturation of the existing waste sites, which is estimated by the end of 2014. 

The appointment of the contractor-investor is expected in 2012, while the project would have duration of 20-25 years. 

The four units in Fyli, Grammatiko, Keratea and Ano Liosia are planned to be in operation by 2014, as the tender has been delayed for a year and a half.

Interested construction groups have welcomed warmly the announcement of the tender, as the total amount of the investment is estimated at €1-1.5 billion (excluding VAT) over the total period of 20-25 years. 

The operation of the units is compatible with all existing waste management technologies:

-Mechanical biological treatment of unsorted municipal waste used by the subsidiary of Ellaktor, Helektor. The company has already invested about €400 million in waste management.

-Production of electricity though biogas, produced by anaerobic decomposition of organic waste and biomass mainly from dairies, cow houses and piggeries. It has been developed by Helektor but the project of €200 million was not implemented due to the reactions of the local community.

-Thermal waste treatment with simultaneous production of energy. Besides Helektor, Intrakat, which cooperates with with the French giant Suez Environnement, also uses this method. 

-The cold treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste, developed by the company Soukos Environmental.
Besides the aforementioned companies, GEK Terna, J&P Avax, Kopelouzos Group and smaller companies such as Polyeco and Athoniki Technical claim the projects.

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