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Forthnet: Announcement of Regulated Information


The company Forthnet A.E. (hereinafter also the "Company") informs the investors that the Board of Directors after its election from the Ordinary General Meeting, dated 28.06.2011, is incorporated into a body, on the 1st July 2011, as follows: 

1) Deepak Srinivas Padmanabhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors (non executive member), 

2) Panayiotis Papadopoulos, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (executive member), 

3) Franciscus Johannes Botman, non executive member, 

4) Vassilios Dougalis, non executive member, 

5) David Kay, non executive member. 

6) Edwin Lloyd, independent, non executive member. 

7) Mohsin Majid, non executive member. 

8) Bhavneet Singh, independent, non executive member. 

9) Michael Warrington, non executive member. 

The term of office of the aforementioned Board of Directors is five years according to the art. 19 par.3 of the Articles of Associations of the Company, expires, namely, on 27.06.2016 and is extended until the end of the time period, within which the immediate next Ordinary General Meeting shall convene.

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